Much sought after for his witty yet erudite writing style, Christopher Joll is a frequent contributor to prestigious magazines and periodicals, including, most recently, The Guards Magazine, Soldiers of the Queen and The Bath Magazine.

Articles for Soldiers of the Queen include 'Flashman's Blues' and 'Burnaby's Deadly Weapon'. Articles for The Bath Magazine include 'Lord Nelson: The War Hero who Took Bath's Waters'. 

In addition, Joll wrote an article about Napoleon’s charge, Marengo, for the Waterloo 200 programme; a piece for the Garrick Club magazine on the unexpectedly large number of former servicemen who have been members of the club since its inception (‘The Militant Wing of the Garrick’); and a 10,000-word history of the horse in Britain for the recently published Equine Journeys (TransGlobe Publishing).