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Book 1: Russian Relations (1915-1918)

Following the death of Colonel Sir Jasper Speedicut in 1915, the Speedicut saga continues with the publication of the memoirs of his son, Charles. It is clear from his hair-raising exploits in pre- and post- revolutionary Russia and in the sands of Arabia, interspersed with adventures in a whole range of other people's bedrooms, that Charles Speedicut has inherited not just his name from his father. Book 1 ends with Charles Speedicut ordered back to Russia to rescue the Dowager Empress of Russia just as the Red Army is racing to capture her...

Book 2 (Fallen Eagles) is primarily concerned with the fate of the deposed Imperial families of Russia and Austria-Hungary; Book 3 (Some Like It Shot) focuses on Speedicut’s involvement with the American film industry and bootlegging; and Book 4 (The Unimportance of Being Ernest) recounts Speedicut’s devious involvement in the events that led to the abdication of King Edward VIII.

These volumes will be published at six-monthly intervals from Jan 2019, with Books 5 and 6 completing the series at a later date.