Book 3: Some Like It Shot


In Book 3 of The Speedicut Memoirs, in addition to meeting many of the early movie stars of Hollywood, readers will discover the true facts about a number of previously unexplained events in the second quarter of the twentieth century, including the reason why Princess Fahmy was cleared of the murder of her husband; the truth about the forging and publishing of the Zinoviev Letter, the disappearance of Colonel Percy Fawcett in Amazonia and the involvement of Winston Churchill in the plot to use British Fascists to combat the rising tide of Communism in England; the role played by the Peaky Blinders in the rise to power of Adolf Hitler; and how and why Wallis Simpson came to be introduced to The Prince of Wales … 

“In the Secret Intelligence Service’s arsenal of loose cannons, few were as useful or as dangerous as Charles Speedicut.” Major General Sir Stewart Menzies

“The things that Speedicut did in Berlin make my tales of that city pale into trivial insignificance.” Christopher Isherwood